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The AVRO Accelerator is all about outcomes

Hear from some of the AVRO 2017 alumni as they share their accelerator experiences.

Azim Barodawala
Azim BarodawalaCEO

Volantio secure $2.6m in funding

“AVRO put us in front of the right decision makers to get our solution in market quickly. Without AVRO, Volantio would not have been able to achieve product-market validation as quickly as it had. We are extremely proud that the investment arms of three global leaders, including Qantas, spanning three district geographies have been chosen to back Volantio and it’s market leading technology.” READ MORE


Azim Barodawala
Azim BarodawalaCEO

Travelshoot launches joint marketing initiatives with Qantas

“Travelshoot is built on the belief that travel memories deserve more than a selfie and has now grown its photographer base to an impressive 110+ destinations across the world. After the AVRO Accelerator, Travelshoot was able to launch joint marketing initiatives with Qantas and Jetstar to help their customers capture their most important travel memories. We’ve had invaluable learnings through the program and look forward to greater collaboration with the Qantas Group.”


Sarah Pearce
Sarah PearceFounder
Chris Tippett
Chris TippettFounder

Aeroster is live in the hands of pilots and cabin crew

“Drawing on my own experiences, Aeroster was founded to make complex technical rosters easy to understand and convenient to use – so pilots and cabin crew can share with their loved ones where they are and when they’ll be home. Throughout the AVRO program, we worked collaboratively with Qantas pilots, cabin crew and the rostering team to build and validate an MVP in just 12 weeks. After an initial beta trial with Qantas crew, Aeroster officially launched earlier this year and is now being used by hundreds of crew and their families!”

Chris Tippet
Chris TippetFounder

Birch taps into the expertise of Qantas Frequent Flyer to scale

“Birch enables users to optimise their financial lives to maximise the loyalty the earn. By connecting with user’s existing credit and debit accounts, Birch provides real-time and personalised insights that lead to actionable recommendations on how to get the most rewards with every purchase. Through AVRO, we have been able to tap into the expertise of Qantas Frequent Flyers to co-create potential new applications of our core technology for a new set of customers. We are excited to be exploring, in collaboration with Qantas, solutions to help Aussies spend smarter and earn more rewards.”  


Alexander Cohen
Alexander CohenFounder
Alexis Soulopoulos
Alexis SoulopoulosCEO & Co-Founder

Mad Paws raises $5m from Qantas and Airtasker’s Tim Fung

“We applied for the AVRO program and got a call back once the program finished. Qantas could see an opportunity to work with Mad Paws to take the stress out of travel for two-thirds of its customers who are pet owners. In a short amount of time, we were able to secure a commercial partnership with Qantas, offering Qantas Points for every dollar spent on Mad Paws, In addition, Qantas joined Airtasker’s Tim Fung, amongst a group of other investors, in a $5m funding round to help us deliver the best possible service for Australian pet owners and their pets… clearly it pays to even apply!” READ MORE

Alexis Soulopoulos
Alexis SoulopoulosCEO & Co-Founder

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