Scaling the next generation of global businesses

AVRO Accelerator is a dual-track Startup and Scaleup program that gives you unique access to Qantas Group assets and expertise to develop, incubate and scale your business

AVRO Accelerator is a dual-track Startup and Scaleup program that gives you unique access to Qantas Group assets and expertise to develop, incubate and scale your business

AVRO Accelerator is a dual-track Startup and Scaleup program that gives you unique access to Qantas Group assets and expertise to develop, incubate and scale your business

Scaling the next generation of global businesses

Scaling the next generation of global businesses

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Is your business ready to take off with Qantas?

The Qantas Group is built on innovation. Our founders were big picture thinkers who had a vision for aviation to change Australia – and ever since then, we’ve always looked ahead to the next big breakthrough. Now, through our second AVRO Accelerator, we’re giving entrepreneurs the chance to work with Qantas Group business units to develop, incubate and scale their businesses.

The AVRO Accelerator is developed in partnership with Qantas and Slingshot.

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A unique opportunity to partner with Qantas

Our history of innovation has made us who we are today and we’re excited to give you the opportunity to be a part of what’s next. Are you an emerging business that can help us revolutionise our customer experience and transform our operations? We have identified key strategic opportunities for Startups and Scaleups to collaborate with the Qantas Group. In order to participate in the AVRO Accelerator, your application must address one or more of these themes.

Personalised, seamless experiences

We’re continually setting new standards for smooth, reliable and rewarding customer experiences


Your challenge

Revolutionise our customer journey. Streamline it, personalise it, and give the customer complete control

  • Make experiences more human and personal
  • Deliver frictionless end to end journeys
  • Find the fastest and fairest way to resolve problems
  • Expand our offerings and help grow and retain customer loyalty


Booking & travel management, Door to door travel experience, Disruption management, Loyalty

Live well, feel well

Whether it’s physically, socially or financially, we care for our customers beyond just travel


Your challenge

Help us enrich the lives of our customers and our communities

  • Deliver new wellness offerings to our customers
  • Help people feel financially healthier
  • Enrich and simplify people’s lives


Health & wellness, Financial services, E-Retail, Marketplaces

Connecting to customers

By harnessing data and technology we can revolutionise how we deliver customer experiences and achieve better commercial outcomes


Your challenge

Help us better understand, engage and reach each customer, personalising and optimising the interactions we have with them

  • Improve how we find, capture and analyse data
  • Reach, engage and serve our customer better
  • Generate and distribute personalised communications at scale
  • Optimise our decision making processes


Data products & platforms, Marketing, Sales & distribution, Customer services, Revenue & network management

Smarter, safer operations

To stay in front we need to transform for absolute efficiency – reinventing and evolving how we work while keeping a sharp focus on safety


Your challenge

Transform our processes and platforms to make us safer, faster, simpler and more efficient

  • Design new processes to improve safety, reliability and sustainability
  • Stay at the leading edge of engineering, flight and fuel planning
  • Create more efficient airport operations, supply chains and logistics
  • Enhance our peoples experience from recruitment to retention and everything in-between


Engineering & maintenance, Flight planning & fuel, Supply chain & logistics, Workforce planning, Human resources

Innovating without limits

We expect the unexpected, firmly believing that true innovation can come from places we never considered


Your challenge

Reimagine our relationship with our customers, our partners and people. How can we capture new profit pools and growth avenues by extracting latent value from our unique assets?


Challenge us with original thinking and show us new ways to use our unique assets

KEY ENABLERS: Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Voice, IoT, Blockchain

Scale your business with AVRO Accelerator

Application Criteria

AVRO Accelerator is open to both early stage Startups and later stage businesses (Scaleups). You must meet this criteria for your application to be successful. 


  • Pre-seed and Seed stage
  • Exceptional founder(s)
  • Ability to deliver MVP in 3 months
  • Global aspirations
  • Unique insight to solve a global problem




  • Late seed and Series A+
  • Exceptional, committed and experienced team
  • Differentiated product with market fit
  • Seeking global partnership to scale
  • Demonstrable traction



Participant Journey

3 April 2018Applications OpenRegister for the roadshows and Facebook live chat
30 April 2018Applications CloseTell us why your business and team should be selected for AVRO Accelerator
29-30 May 2018Pitch DaysIf successful, pitch to Qantas and Slingshot executives
16 July 2018Program BeginsThe 12-week Startup and Scaleup program begins
9 October 2018Demo DayStand up and pitch to the Qantas executives, stakeholders and potential investors
October - December 2018IncubateSelect teams will recieve an additional three months of support from the AVRO Accelerator team


We encourage you to meet the AVRO Accelerator team and gain valuable insights to tailor your application.

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